Friday, March 16, 2012

[PTG] 24/7 Metro | 15,000 Tickets | All Weapons Allowed

BattleLog Link - [PTG] 24/7 Metro | 15,000 Tickets | All Weapons Allowed

That is the name of our new server and it is proving popular!!! In the last 7 days we have jumped up in the server rankings to break in to the top 400 worldwide servers. We combine constant player friendly admin throughout the day along with great squadwork gameplay and already we are seeing regular players. The boost in popularity has also seen our memberbase increase and that in turn is seeing more donations for the server come in. Eventually we will be able to run more than one server and everyone who donates gets the chance to help admin our servers. [PTG]'s Resurgence is in full swing and we're aiming to get that "number 1 server in the world" title for the second time.